Twelve Bees
Twelve Bees
Twelve Bees

Twelve Bees

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I love doing bees!

I silkscreen the bees onto clear, thick glass with black glass paint, fire the paint into the glass in my kiln, then flip the glass over and use silver stain to color the back of the bee yellow. This gets fired in as well.

Silver stain was discovered centuries ago by accident when somebody fired glass that had a bit of silver on it. It turned the glass yellow! Unlike vitreous glass paint, silver stain actually chemically alters the glass and can produce a wide range of colors from orange-red to yellow. Historically this is significant, since prior to the discovery of silver stain, glass artists had no way to paint yellow. Or green. Or credible flesh tones. Silver stain opened up a whole new color pallet of opportunities to the stained glass world.

Although all my bees are similarly printed, each one has a different shade of silver stained yellow or orange to make it unique. Many people ask if I'm using real bees when they see these pieces; they're concerned for the welfare of our bees!

I used hand rolled black glass in the border, and embellished the lower border with amber glass beading to complement the colors on the bees. I matted the back of the glass with a waffle weave textured paper simulating a bee hive. OK, it was packing material--but it was perfect!

11" w x 19.5" h. Professionally framed and ready to hang.

All of my glass art is cut freehand without patterns; every piece is unique. The paint is powdered glass which, when kiln-fired becomes one with the glass beneath it. I use the same methods and materials that have been used by glass artists for centuries.


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