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Push Me
Push Me

Push Me

The ebony glass leaves on this bonsai are individually hand cut, hand painted, fired and slumped in a kiln, drilled and wired. The hand twisted copper wire tree is has been inserted into a piece of blue slate; the bottom is covered with felt to protect your surfaces. I applied a dark patina to the copper wire, to give it an aged look, then buffed copper highlights back into it. And just for fun, I added a tiny wooden swing hanging from a chain. My hope is that it will remind you of the carefree days of your youth, and that it is important to take time out to enjoy the moment as fully as you did back then.

This piece is approximately 8" wide by 11" high by 4" deep.

All of my glass art is cut freehand without patterns; every piece is unique. The paint is powdered glass which, when kiln-fired becomes one with the glass beneath it. I use the same methods and materials that have been used by glass artists for centuries.

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