About the Artist

Laurel Grey has always loved and admired glass art, had dabbled with painting wine glasses and vases with oven baked paint, even took a stained glass class, but was underwhelmed with the results. After all, anybody with the right tools, the desire and a modicum of talent could re-create anything she did, perhaps even better.

Then one day, while waiting on a pastor for a marketing meeting (her other business), she wandered into a small sanctuary off the main chapel of the church. One entire wall was floor to ceiling stained glass windows; it was breathtaking.

She sat down in one of the old wooden pews and studied the windows for a long time. The colors and images were intense. It was then that she had an epiphany: there was only one color of paint used on the entire wall of glass. BLACK. Black paint on colored glass. Just. Black. Paint.

She was so excited by this sudden realization that she jumped up and crawled under the alter to examine the window behind it up close and personal. (Thank goodness her client didn’t come in!) She pulled out her phone and took dozens of pictures to study later. Yes, only black paint, but applied in ways that created deep dimensions in the glass. Solid here, half-tones there, black paint applied and then removed so the pure color of the glass could shine through.

A glass painter was born that day.

That was five years ago. Thanks to the magic of the internet, Facebook chat groups and an occasional hands-on workshop, Laurel has learned and continues to learn glass painting from some of the best glass artists in the world. Not satisfied with simply painting 2D art though, she’s taken her glass to new levels—literally. Some of her panels have incorporated up to seven layers of glass, painted front and back. She uses her painted and kiln fired glass pieces to create three dimensional sculptures. Her glass art is constantly maturing and evolving. The most common remark heard in her booth at art shows? “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

She’s hoping that’s a compliment.

Laurel does take commissions, especially in the winter, (see some of her past commissions) so please let her know if you’d like something special other than what you see here. She can be reached at 608.519.0300, or emailed at Laurel@laurelgreyglassworks.com.



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